Adi Akavia
Research Interests: Information Security, Cryptography, Safe Calculation, and Big Data algorithmsAdi Akaviaadi.akavia@gmail.com
Guy Avni
formal methods, game theoryGuy Avnigavni@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8240526 | Room: 409
Yossi Ben Asher
Research Interests: Parallel Computing, Operating Systems, CompilersYossi Ben Asheryosi@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8240338 | Room: 513
Orr Dunkelman
Research Interests: Cryptography and cryptanalysis, Computer Security, and PrivacyOrr Dunkelmanorrd@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8288447 | Room: 408
Dan Feldman
Research Interests: Robotics and Big DataDan Feldmandannyf.post@gmail.com
Phone: 04-8280786| Room: 413
Moran Feldman
Algorithms, Algorithmic Game TheoryMoran Feldmanmoranfe@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8249728 | Room: 516
Hagit Hel-Or
Research Interests: Computer VisionHagit Hel-Orhagit@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8249731 | Room: 415
Daniel Keren
Research Interests: Probabilistic Pattern RecognitionDaniel Kerendkeren@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8249730 | Room: 411
Rachel Kolodny
Research Interests: Computational biologyRachel Kolodnytrachel@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8240158 | Room: 416
Simon Korman
Research Interests: Computer VisionSimon Kormansimon.korman@gmail.com
Gad Landau
Research Interests: Algorithms, Computational BiologyGad Landaulandau@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8240103 | Room: 512
Or Meir
Research Interests: Theory of Computer Science, Computational ComplexityOr Meir ormeir@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8280785 | Room: 412c
Ilan Newman
Research Interests: Algorithms, ComplexityIlan Newmanilan@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8249729 | Room: 515
Rita Osadchy
Research Interests: Computational Learning, Computer VisionRita Osadchyrita@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8288444 | Room: 410
Roi Poranne
Research interest: Robotics, Mixed reality, FabricationRoi Poranneroi.poranne@gmail.com
Yuri Rabinovich
Research Interests: Algorithms, Discrete Math, Computational ComplexityYuri Rabinovichyuri@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8249902 | Room: 514
Noga Ron-Zewi
Research Interests: Algorithms, Complexity Theory, Coding TheoryNoga Ron-Zewinoga@cs.haifa.ac.il
Ronen Shaltiel
Research Interests: Theory of Computer Science, Complexity, Randomness as a Computational ResourceRonen Shaltielronen@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8249952 | Room: 414
Alek Vainshtein
Research Interests: Algorithms, ComplexityAlek Vainshteinalek@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8249727 | Room: 511
Oren Weimann
Research Interests: Algorithms, Data StructuresOren Weimannoren@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8240165 | Room: 412a
Shuly Wintner
Research Interests: Computational LinguisticsShuly Wintnershuly@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8288180 | Room: 403
Dan Rosenbaum
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Computer VisionDan Rosenbaumdanro@cs.haifa.ac.il


Martin Golumbic
Research Interests: Artificial intelligence, Algorithms on GraphsMartin Golumbic golumbic@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8288338 | Room: 402
Dan Gordon
Research Interests: Scientific ComputingDan Gordongordon@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8240159 | Room: 103
Larry Manevitz
Research Interests: Artificial intelligence, Neural NetsLarry Manevitzmanevitz@cs.haifa.ac.il
Phone: 04-8288442 | Room: 402

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