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The Department of Computer Science at the University of Haifa combines internationally-acclaimed research with excellence in education.

Research areas include both theory of computer science and application domains. Faculty members publish in the best international venues, and consistently win awards and research grants. The Department also benefits from the support of the Caesarea Rothschild Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science.

As part of our educational mission, we train excellent graduates for a diverse spectrum of employment opportunities. Our undergraduate program facilitates a combination of core computer science studies with minors in other domains, thereby enabling graduates to find jobs not only in the high-tech industry but also in interdisciplinary occupations. Our graduates are employed by all major software development companies in Israel, as well as in many start-ups. The unique "Etgar" program enables outstanding high-school students to complete an undergraduate degree in computer science in tandem with their school studies.

The graduate programs are research-oriented. The vast majority of our students publish their results in leading conferences and journals. More than half of our PhD alumni currently hold academic positions in Israel and abroad.

The Department is characterized by a warm and friendly atmosphere. We welcome you to join us!

Prof. Rita Osadchy
Prof. Rita OsadchyHead of
Prof. Hagit Hel-Or
Prof. Hagit Hel-OrChairman of the Graduate Degrees
PROF. DAN GORDON Academic advisor for a bachelor's

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